Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Every year in the UK, about 8 million tonnes of manufactured food is wasted. And the studies show that more than half of the food is wasted right here in our homes. The food waste is becoming a

global problem and steps need to be made in order to address the problem. Here are few tips on how to reduce food waste and be more self-aware of the value of food.

Stop overbuying food

Studies show that one-third of people that throw away food is because they overbuy food. They buy items they already have and instantly generate waste. Such shopping habits need to stop and there are simple ways on how to do it. One of the ways is to start writing shopping lists. You can start writing it as you run out of the products or write one before you go shopping. This will save you a lot of money and prevent buying products you already have in your fridge. The garbage collectors will have less work. But, if you need client-friendly waste clearance solutions in East Finchley, hire a reputable company.

Create some “fridge habits”

There are simple ways to organize your fridge in order to use oldest products first and prevent the expiration of the food. You can:

  • place new products with latest dates in the back and the older ones in the front. This way you will first use older stuff and then the new.
  • put frequently used products on their spot. For example, you can always keep your milk on the right side of the fridge or elsewhere, so you always know when it’s out.
  • set the right temperature in your fridge. Depending on the products inside you will decide whether you should increase or decrease the temperature.

What about leftovers?

We usually have leftovers after every meal. What to do with that food? Well, you can reuse it for instance. If you have some meat left behind, you can use it and make a soup. Or if there are any fruits and vegetables that had gone soft, you can use them and make smoothie or juice. Another way to prevent wasting food by throwing away leftovers is not to over-cook. Determine the serving sizes and stick to them. And if you cook too much, put the leftovers in the freezer. And the last, but not the least, donate leftovers to a food bank. They will be happy to take the food and you will feel great knowing you are doing the right thing.

Keep products in their appropriate places

Some products don’t belong in the fridge, like some fruits, but we still place them there. If you learn how to store your food, it will last longer and the chances for them to spoil are low. For example, you need to know that your eggs will last longer if stored in the box in the fridge.

Make compost

Composting your food has a number of benefits. Since most of the food we throw away ends up in a landfill, composting reduces rubbish we leave for collection. Making your own compost is simple. All you need to do is get a compost bin and learn few tricks on how to make a perfect fertilizer for your garden. Mix kitchen and garden waste. If not, you can always hire a professional waste clearance company in Creekmouth and properly dispose of your waste.