Adding Creativity to the Dull Process of Decluttering

Let’s admit it, decluttering the house is a necessary task that we all have to do every few months but it is also quite boring unless you come across an old family photo album or your high school diary. For the most part, however, the fight against clutter is dull, slow and tiring. But since this is something we can’t avoid doing, we might as well try and spice it up. Adding a dose of creativity to the process may make it:

  • More bearable
  • More effective
  • Quicker
  • More goal-oriented

There are many different creative methods on which can rely when decluttering your home. They will help you find your groove and get the job done in a speedy fashion.

The hanger method

Turn all the hangers in your wardrobe in the opposite direction making them face the backside for the wardrobe and not the door. When you decide to wear some piece of clothing, turn its hanger in the normal direction. In about half a year, go through your wardrobe again. If there are any hangers that still have not been turned, you probably don’t need to keep the clothes that are hanging on them – you have not worn them in months.

Imagine you are going on a trip

The hanger method will help you declutter your wardrobeThe hardest part of any decluttering process is to decide which items you have to throw away. One very creative way that will help you go through this step in a breeze is to imagine that you are packing for a trip. That will enable you to evaluate the importance of each item you own more accurately. You don’t need to try and pack your entire home in a small bag. But you can try imagining packing separate rooms or area of your home into a suitcase. If there are things that you are ready to discard easily, throw them away. And when you decide that you are not keeping something, get rid of it as soon as you can. For instance, once you have decided what things you will keep, put all of your junk into bin bags and call a team of competent rubbish collectors in London. Keeping a pile of unwanted items in the middle of your property will make your decluttering efforts pointless if you don’t take care of in time.


You don’t have to throw all of your old possessions. You can sell them online or you can donate them to those in need. A really effective way to awaken the spirit of giving in you is by volunteering in local homeless shelters, refugee centres, children’s homes and etc. Meeting face to face with people who are in desperate need for food, clothes, books and basic living necessities will help you realise that your dusty possessions are more needed elsewhere. This creative method of decluttering may even inspire you to add a few more things to the pile of unwanted items.

These are just a ways in which you can be creative with your home decluttering. Set your imagination free and you may come up with more great ideas.

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