About Us

We are a licensed, registered and fully insured waste clearance company committed to providing domestic and commercial customers around London with down to earth, straightforward waste management solutions without the hefty price tag, or the usual administrative hurdles.

Being an experienced and highly professional waste clearance firm, we have the technical capacity, manpower and expertise to handle any type of waste clearance request from both residential and commercial properties. Our waste clearance and disposal solutions are convenient, cost effective and legitimate. We have the necessary licensing and permits to operate and provide customers with a specialised skip hire service, as well as arranging for collection and disposal of specific items or materials. Doing professional waste clearance business, we’re well aware that many of the items and materials we collect can be reused and recycled for future use, or given to people in need. Therefore we are very careful and attentive when sorting through items to be disposed of. We also want to give the environment a break, from the constant influx of consumer society scraps and leftovers, which end up in landfills every day. Our strict recycle and reuse waste management policy means that we divert as much waste as possible from ending up in landfills. If there are items or materials which cannot be reused or recycled, yet they cannot be disposed of in landfills either, then we will subject those to waste-to-energy incineration performed by the relevant plants and facilities.  Being an environmentally aware waste clearance company – we are also very diligent and responsible with our paperwork and disposal notices. Naturally, we will provide our customers with the relevant paperwork showing proper disposal of the waste we have collected. We are also very careful with our waste collection practices, we care for the health and wellbeing of our customers and our service teams thus we carry out every waste clearance by the book, and follow all applicable health and safety regulations – including those which outline hazardous waste collection and disposal. Collection, transportation and disposal of electronics and computers are carried out in strict accordance, and compliant with the WEEE Directive.

Being an efficient and ecofriendly waste clearance company means we have also reduced the environmental toll of our waste transportation. We use low emission cargo vehicles and take waste to the closest suitable processing location in order to reduce transport costs and minimise exhaust fume emissions.