Clear Up Your Garden for the Spring

If you spring clean your home every year, you should also consider clearing up your garden shortly before the arrival of that season. In that way, you will make it look neater, prettier and give plants and flowers the chance to bloom and blossom in all of their glory. Some of the tools you will need for that are:

  • Pruner shears;
  • Wheelbarrow;
  • Rake;
  • Bin bags or a large rubbish bin;

In addition to that, you can buy some fertilisers with which you can maintain the fertility of the soil in your garden.

Check the condition of your outdoor furniture

Before you get your hands dirty, you should take a close look at your outdoor furniture and see whether it has suffered any damages during the winter season. You may need to replace, repair or repaint it, especially if they were stored in your shed for a long time or if they have spent the coldest months of the year in the open. Contact a trusted professional assistance like Full House Clearance’s affordable waste clearance in Coulsdon CR5, if you decide to get rid of some of your outdoor furniture. Even if your garden chairs and table are in a decent state, you will still need to clean them before you arrange them in your backyard.

Replace cracked pots

If you have any potted plants that you like to keep in the garden during the spring and the summer, you should examine their pots before you take them outside. Check for cracks and if you find any, move the plant in another one. You may also need to do the latter if the plant has become too big for its pot.

Trim and prune away

A garden rakeCollect and clear up foliage, fallen leaves and twigs and make sure your flower beds look neat and ready for a fresh dose of new flower seeds. To do that quickly and easily, rely on a rake. Before you get to that, however, you should prune away all branches, shrubs and plants that have overgrown during the winter. Use pruner shears for that purpose. Put the collected waste in a bin or in bin bags. To make this process more effortless and less messy, move the collected foliage and junk with a wheelbarrow.

Remove all the waste

If your spring outdoor clearance has been successful, you will end up with a big pile of waste in your garden. Do not let it stay there for too long because that would make all of the hard work that you put into organising and arranging your garden pointless. Find an all-round garden clearance service in London and you won’t even have to bother transporting your waste to a local rubbish depot. A team of certified waste collectors will come to collect your garden junk and they will dispose of it at the nearest designated spot. Professionals have access to large clearance trucks which means that you can even ask them to remove big unwanted items like your old outdoor table, for example.