Enfield Offers More Than You Can Imagine

Enfield is a London Borough situated on the very outskirts of the English capital. However, that is the only main problem with it. In fact, locals rarely complain about living in this seemingly remote part of the city because they enjoy convenient transport links to the central part of the Big Smoke. Plus, the fact that Enfield sits on the edge of London means that large swarms of tourists are not a common sight here even though this fascinating borough is filled with many fantastic and breath-taking attractions like:

  • Forty Hall;
  • Hatfield Forest;
  • Trend Park;
  • William Morris Gallery;
  • Bruce Castle;
  • Walthamstow Wetlands;
  • Henry Moore Foundation;
  • Copped Hall;
  • Myddelton House Gardens;
  • Waltham Abbey Church;
  • Broxbourne Woods;

Pictured: Waltham Abbey Church, near Enfield

A place with an irresistible charm

Enfield is just a stone-throw away from the English countryside and many of the areas on its territory are incredibly green and village-like. One such place is Winchmore Hill. Most of the district’s land is located in a conservation area. As a matter of fact, there are strict construction regulations in the borough as a whole. That is mainly because in the past this part of the UK capital witnessed such a rapid industrial revolution that legislators were forced to introduce the so-called Green Belt law to ensure that the green landscape and the historic heritage of London and of other parts of the country were properly preserved. Therefore, it not surprising that the eco-friendly waste clearance services in Winchmore Hill N21 are of such a high quality. The area itself is unimaginably charming. At its very centre is an old village green and around it, one can find various pretty-looking cafes and shops. No far away from there is Grovelands Park – a Grade II listed green open space. Some of Enfield’s wealthiest residents live on Winchmore Hill’s Broad Walk which is one of the most desirable addresses in North London.

London’s hidden Mediterranean nook

Unfortunately, try as it may, London will never have the warm and sunny climate of Mediterranean countries like Greece and Cyprus. Still, the English capital can help you get a sense of these two countries’ culture, cuisine and people because it has districts such as Palmers Green on its territory. Aside from the comprehensive waste cleaning services in Palmers Green N13, this area is also home to a big Greek and Cypriot community. That is why Londoners also joke by referring to the district as Palmers Greek or Little Cyprus. Overall Palmers Green is a great North London area since it has nice family homes, excellent parks, good schools and, of course, an interesting Mediterranean atmosphere. In addition to that, N13 is rather affordable which is why people looking to settle in this part of London often choose it over other attractive but pricey neighbourhoods such as Muswell Hill and Crouch End. Also, the area hosts its very own big annual event – the Palmers Green Festival. It is held in the nearby Broomfield Park and it is the largest such event organised in the London Borough of Enfield.

Enfield is pulsing with history

Right between the boroughs of Enfield and Barnet, you will find the suburban area of Southgate which is so well-developed and organised that it even functions as a town. This is a very cosmopolitan and livery part of North London that is characterised by the ethnic diversity of its population. As a result, there is a great choice of ethnic restaurants in the area, among others. Top-notch waste clearance in Southgate N14 is available even on weekends and bank holidays which is great news for anyone living in this part of Enfield. The district used to be the South Gate of Enfield Chase which was a royal hunting grounds and a deer park and is how it got its name. A quick walk around Southgate and you will see that this place is filled with history because it offers a huge choice of historic buildings, among which is the local tube station.

Pictured: Inside Southgate Underground Station

Arnos Grove, a small area which used to be part of Southgate, adds to the borough’s historic charm. It offers easy access to flexible waste removal services in Arnos Grove N11, N14 even though the district remained rather underdeveloped during the better half of the 20th century. Similar to the rest of Enfield, it is green, village-like and simply charming.