Everything You Need to Know About Office Furniture Recycling

Becoming environmentally conscious is not as difficult as one might think. You can do a lot for your environment and show that you care about waste reduction. You can rely on the most efficient office clearance services in London and let them take care of all unwanted items. You can also opt for recycling your old furniture, for example.

Some of the furniture pieces can be refurbished, reused or disassembled for recycling, which will automatically keep a huge amount of waste from entering the landfill. In addition, this move will reduce your carbon footprint related to manufacturing new pieces, reduce the demand for materials needed for production and provide other benefits. Therefore, if you have chairs, desks and other furniture pieces you no longer require in your office, here are some of the ways to recycle them.

Sell or donate

If you have office furniture that is in good condition, you can donate or sell it. There are retailers that specialise in the sale of used furniture so this is a great way to get rid of it responsibly. On the other hand, you can donate unwanted furniture pieces to a charity that will resell and use the money for a good cause.

Converting “waste” into new objects

Your furniture “waste” can be converted or recycled in a number of different ways, depending on the condition of the piece. It can be:

  • Reused – if your old office desk is in good working condition, it can be reused as is by start-ups or other businesses that face financial difficulties. They will have no problem with using second-hand furniture until they are able to afford new pieces.
  • Refurbished – some used furniture is not damaged beyond repair and just need a little “fix” before being resold. Some require a thorough clean-up, other fabric replacement or repainting. These fixes are not expansive and the final price of such furniture is still affordable to many struggling businesses.
  • Re-purposed – if your old office furniture can no longer be used as is, you can use its parts for other purposes. You would be surprised at creative ways you can repurpose old furniture.
  • Recycled – if the furniture is severely damaged and cannot be reused or refurbished, recycling is the only option left. The first step is to dismantle the furniture, then separate materials (plastic, metal, fabric, glass) and finally sent the materials to the appropriate recycling centre. Recycling turns old stuff into something new. You can opt for quality waste disposal services in Hoxton N1 and let professionals do this job for you an efficient and affordable way.

Prepare for recycling or donating

Unless you want to book a leading waste disposal firm in West Brompton SW10, you need to know a few things about preparing your old furniture for recycling or donating. Most charities or recycling companies require that you make certain preparations before they come to pick it up. For example, you can tape the drawers so they remain protected during transportation or dismantle into smaller pieces. Additionally, if you are planning to recycle, make sure you separate different materials and make recycling process quicker.