What Makes London Borough of Sutton Great?

According to the majority of residents of the London Borough of Sutton, it is a great place to live. The level of crime is one of the lowest in London and people living across the borough feel safe in this green area. Its schools at both primary and secondary levels have the best results in the country and perform exceptionally well. This environment-friendly borough has many parks and natural reserves, as well as a number of cultural institutions and attractions, including the Charles Cryer Theatre and Honeywood Museum in Carshalton, Carew Manor in Beddington, Whitehall Gallery in Cheam, and other. Cheam is also a home to some of the best waste clearance services. A reputable waste clearance in Cheam SM3 will not disappoint you.

Popular historic and cultural attractions

Borough of Sutton used to be made up of rural villages and some areas still have that village feel. It has many historical and cultural institutions that tell the story of the borough’s development and its character. Some of the most popular sites include:

  • Carew Manor – a Grade I listed Tudor manor that belonged to the powerful Carew family. Today, the building is used as a school.
  • The Sutton Life Centre – a community facility dedicated to enhancing opportunities for the young and encouraging good citizenship. It is distinctive for its lifezone – real-life scenes from Sutton’s streets are portrayed on the screens on walls.
  • Honeywood Museum – not only does one can find superb waste clearance services in Carshalton SM5, but the area also boasts a museum that dates from the 17th century. It has a significant local history collection and priceless objects dating back to the Bronze Age.
  • Whitehall Gallery – located in the centre of Cheam village, Whitehall Gallery was originally built in about 1500, but the 18th-century weatherboarded appearance suggests major refurbishment and expansion. After current rebuilding, the museum will be the historical hub of our borough.
  • Church of St Mary the Virgin – dating back from the 14th century, the church is designated at Grade II because it has monuments of great importance, as well as an organ screen by William Morris. Beddington, apart from the church, is also known for offering outstanding waste disposal services. Hire an affordable waste clearance in Beddington SM6, CR0 and enjoy the waste-free environment.

Pictured: Church of St Mary the Virgin, Beddington

Sustainable lifestyle in Sutton

In order to create a more sustainable lifestyle, Borough of Sutton has created many environmental projects, including the Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED). The housing complex that contains 99 houses and 1,405 square metres of workspace is the first carbon-neutral eco-community in the UK. Natural and recycled materials used for the construction of the complex are aimed to store heat during warm conditions and release heat at cooler times. Since it was built, the complex has attracted wide interest and won several awards.

In addition to BedZED, the borough also has the Sutton Ecology Centre, Carshalton Environmental Fair and other facilities and events focused on a green and sustainable life. The residents and visitors can learn a lot about recycling, composting, alternative energy, local sustainability initiatives, organic gardening and other, through workshops and other activities. The London Borough of Sutton supports green economy practices by funding green businesses. In such an environmentally friendly surrounding, the emphasis is also on waste reduction. For this reason, hiring unmatched waste clearance services in Belmont SM2, for example, is highly recommended. If you have garden waste, you can use a local garden waste collection service or hire a vetted waste disposal in Sutton SM1 at an affordable price.

Pictured: Beddington Zero Energy Development

Breath-taking bloomy lavender fields

Sutton borough has chalky free-draining soil which makes it perfect for lavender growing. In the early 18th, the borough was a centre of worldwide production of lavender and it formed a huge part of the area’s agriculture. There are two historic lavender fields, Carshalton Beeches and Mayfield. The second field is a popular tourist attraction and it used to be known as the “Lavender Capital of the World”. The farm with café and shop is a popular visitor attraction throughout summer where you can enjoy tractor rides and feast your eyes on a sea of beautiful organic lavender. Lavender flowers can be seen all over Croydon, Sutton, Carshalton and other surrounding areas.

Pictured: Mayfield Lavender Field