Office Clearance – What Types of Waste Does It Cover

It is a must to make your office a clutter-free zone. The best way to achieve that is if you use an effective office clearance service in London every now and then. That will help you and your team to prevent accumulating too much waste and it will allow you to make your office more presentable. The latter is a must if you are working with clients on a daily basis. If you are not sure exactly what types of waste an office clearance covers, we will shed some light on the subject. Waste clearance experts can help you get rid of a wide range of junk including:

  • Old and useless documents
  • Broken IT and computer equipment
  • Old uniforms
  • Construction waste
  • Unwanted or worn-off office furniture

Old and useless documents

We know what you are thinking – the disposal of documents needs to be handled in-house because some of the files may contain sensitive and confidential information. However, a professional office clearance service also features the collection and disposal of confidential waste. That includes not only single documents and files but also entire archives. Computer data storage devices also fall into that category of junk.

Broken IT and computer equipment

Electronic waste can be very dangerous for the environment when it is not handled and dealt with by pros. Even if you don’t believe in things like global warming, you certainly want to build a strong business brand. These days, that is impossible for companies that are not open to eco-friendly practices such as using a green office rubbish removal service. Hire a team of experts and they will transport your broken IT and computer equipment to a recycling facility.

Old uniforms

If your employees are required to wear uniforms, you are likely to make updates on those uniforms from time to time. Instead of letting your staff dispose of their work apparel in any way they want to, ask them to bring their old uniforms to the office and have the junk collectors to come and pick it up. Why – because that is what responsible companies do.

Construction waste

Have you just wrapped up a renovation project in the office? Before you get to the cleaning part, you will need to get rid of things like plasterboards, old construction materials and other types of builders waste. Most office clearance teams are equipped and qualified to help you with that too.

Old and unwanted office furniture

Whenever you update your office furniture with a new one, call the junk collectors, especially if the furniture pieces are broken or extremely worn-off. If they are not, you can donate them to a local school or to family in need, for example.

If there is another office waste category which you did not see on this list but you want to learn more about, don’t worry. A truly professional rubbish removal company will provide you with truly comprehensive junk hauling services. For example, Full House Clearance’s fast waste collection service in Southfields SW18, SW19, is a solution on which you can rely for the removal of a vast range of junk. The only kind of waste that such firms are not allowed to collect and dispose of is a hazardous one