Old Carpet Removal Made Easy

Depending on its material, fibres and quality, a carpet’s lifespan can range between 5 and 15 years. When the time comes to get a new carpet, you may need to use some professional assistance like Full House Clearance’s local waste clearance services in Dalston E8 to get rid of it. But before you get to that part, you will need to remove the old carpeting yourself since such companies will only come to collect your unwanted items. Also, keep in mind that disposing of your carpet is not the only way to handle this situation.

Step 1 – Removing the carpet

Unless you are a professional handyman, removing the old carpet from your floor will most likely be a time-consuming task for you. However, if you arm yourself with the right tools and the right knowledge, this job won’t take you long to complete. So, here’s a list of items you will need:

  • Utility knife;
  • Hammer;
  • Pliers;
  • Pry bar;
  • Duct tape;
  • Gloves;

Start by removing all the furniture pieces to some other part of the home. Also, don’t forget to remove the wall finishing or the moulding to make the process easier and more effective. Even if you are planning to throw away the carpet, vacuum it. That will make the working environment healthier, safer and more bearable for you. Next, put on your gloves and using a pair of pliers, start carefully pulling one of the corners of the carpet. Help yourself with a pry bar and as you pull roll the carpeting. If you see any tacks, remove them using a hammer or the pliers. If the rolled carpet becomes too bulky, cut it off with a utility knife and then duct tape the roll. If there is padding underneath the carpet, remove it too.

Step 2 – Deciding what to do with it

Take a good look at your carpet and see whether it deserves to be given a second chance at life or not. Even if you are planning on getting a new one, your old carpeting can still serve many other purposes or to make someone else happy.

Sell it

This is a bit of a long shot since they are not many people out there who are looking to spend money on a used carpet. Still, if it was handmade or imported from some foreign country, you may find someone willing to buy it. Use the power of the Internet when trying to sell your old carpet.

Donate it

With some luck, you may find a shelter that is in need of a used carpet. However, make sure you wash it before you give it away otherwise, your act of kindness will not seem so kind after all. Also, there is no point donating smelly and stained carpets because there are plenty of low-cost options on the market that will look and smell much better than your orphaned carpet.

Repurpose it

Did you know that you can easily and quickly make a mat out of your unwanted carpet? Also, you can use it to make a pretty scratching post for your beloved cat. If you prefer, you can even insulate your garage with it. Set your imagination free and, in no time, more ideas will pop up in your head.

Recycle it

Some rubbish removal companies work in partnership with recycling facilities. This means that if you rely on a comprehensive waste clearance service in Hadley Wood EN4, the company that offers it may also provide you with a recycling solution.

Throw it away

If you don’t want to be bothered with any of the above-mentioned things, simply hire a skip in London for a low price and toss your good ol’ carpet in it.