Why Do People Hoard? Compulsive Hoarding 101

Compulsive hoarding is a disorder where an individual acquires too many items, while at the same time, has difficulties of getting rid of these items. Over time, keeping items that are no longer useful or needed and acquiring new possessions continuously can lead to a disorganised and cluttered home. However, this can not only have a disastrous impact on a property but also on a quality of life of a hoarder. Apart from the help of a reputable house clearance in St James SW1, for example, such persons also need professional help.

Compulsive hoarding leads to several issues

Apart from the evident mess and clutter, compulsive hoarding can pose a threat to a person’s health and safety because the rooms are usually filled with all sorts of items and it can be extremely hard to move through the home or find an exit. The air quality is low and the usable space in the home can be minimised. Over time, rooms are no longer being able to be used.

What hoarders usually keep?

All sorts of items are hoarded by people who have a compulsive hoarding disorder. There is no set of items hoarded but the most commonly hoarded items include items that have no value to other people, including:

  • Clutter useless to other people
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Animals (this can cause health issues)
  • Food
  • Newspaper, magazines
  • Ornaments, toys, craft materials

What triggers people to hoard?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because the reasons for hoarding can be different for each person. But people mostly choose to hoard because:

  • They refuse to waste items they think can still have a use. These individuals are not able to determine whether items are valuable or not or whether they are still usable or not.
  • They are afraid of losing important information so they collect newspapers, magazines, books, etc. They intend to read through everything once they get time.
  • They are emotionally attached to some items. This can be a sentimental feeling of a place or person or a significant part of their life. To prevent throwing away a part of that person or period, they hoard everything that reminds them of that.

How to recognise a person with hoarding tendencies?

Compulsive hoarders own a large number of items and they believe that these are valuable, when in fact they are usually not. They live in a cluttered and disorganised space, with all sorts of items scattered all over the house. That space is often unhygienic, which prevents them to function normally and lead a normal life. Their bedrooms are cluttered so they don’t sleep on their beds; their couches are filled with junk so they have no place to rest, and other. Luckily, it is not hard to recognise the signs of compulsive hoarding and help people who struggle with this disorder. There are companies that can provide assistance with the process of sorting the problem out and help with their recovery, such as an experienced waste clearance company in London.The pros have experience in dealing with these situations and will approach the clearance with respect and care.