The positive impact of disposing of things

Hoarding is in people’s genes. Not just in London but everywhere. We pile up things at home that might be better off in someone else’s hands. Yet we refuse to let go of many belongings because we are delusional that we might use them again one day or because we fool ourselves that these objects mean something to us. Sentimental value is too overrated and in most instances it is just better to remove all the rubbish you have. Now, by rubbish we do not mean only daily garbage such as milk cartons or used napkins. It is obvious that these things are junk and there is no need to keep them around. What we will talk about is getting rid of things which can still be used somehow. A full house clearance is the procedure which will best serve that purpose and it typically can be carried out by a reliable rubbish removal company in Goodmayes. Here we will list some of the objects you might want to get rid of instantly and actually contribute to other people’s needs or in preserving the nature.

Bottles made out of any material are both useful and dangerous to our society

Garbage canBasically all types of bottles can be re-used somehow and it is our duty as citizens to dispose of them properly. If you spend 10 minutes walking around your home and opening random drawers and cabinets you will surely find bottles made out of aluminium, plastic and glass. All of these materials are very useful and if they are left just lying like that, they will actually damage the environment. Make sure you do not dump them in the regular garbage bin. In case you are not sure when and where you should dispose of your bottles then simply contact one of the most recognised house clearance companies in Redbridge. Those empty bottles are useless to you and let’s face the fact that you will likely keep buying new ones. Don’t store them, get them recycled and do a good deed.

Small home electronics

Do you remember the era of the Discman? Yes, we don’t either, but we are pretty sure you have one of these little gadgets, broken and lying somewhere in a bottom drawer. You should gather all of your non-working little devices and dispose of them. Many stores for mobile technologies have specialised bins especially for such electronics. This also includes batteries. You should never keep old and expired batteries around. They get oxidised and become dangerous to the inhabitants of your home and the environment as well. In case you are not sure where to find such bins you can always get a free junk removal consult from a top notch Woodford waste collection company.


As you know clothes can go bad as well. Their fabric deteriorates over time but we simply don’t pay attention because we have stopped wearing them. All we do is buy new ones. The old ones stay in bags under the bed or up there in the attic. Donate them to a shelter or a nice cause. You will be amazed how many top class rubbish removal companies are actually “green” and give away things and not only dump them.

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