How to Prepare for a Rubbish Removal

You have decided to declutter your home but now you have a big pile of junk and you want to get rid of it as fast as possible. It seems that you will have no other choice but to prepare for a major rubbish removal. You will need to:

  • Go through all your junk
  • Sort the items you want to throw away
  • Find professional assistance
  • Coordinate your efforts with those of the pros

Why should you bother doing so many things if all you want to do is to throw away some junk? Because quality rubbish removals in Nine Elms SW8 or anywhere else in London always requires some preparation and planning in order to be successful, health and eco-friendly.

Make a list of everything in your junk pile

Just like you would do if you were moving home, take the time to make a list of the things of which you want to get rid. That will give you a better idea of the volume and weight of your pile of waste and enable you to pick a rubbish truck of the right size. Similarly, if you are planning on using a convenient skip hire service in London, you will easily determine the size of the skip. Knowing what and how many things you need to throw away will also help you calculate your rubbish removal costs.

Divide items into a few different categories

Hopefully, you have already divided your junk into three separate piles – sell, donate and throw away. Now, you will need to go through the latter pile again. Not many waste clearance companies will take their time to sort through their clients’ waste to see if there are items that can be recycled. That is why, if you want to protect the environment and to dispose of your unwanted goods in the greenest possible way, you will need to take care of that task… just in case. If you have any hazardous waste, put it in a different pile and contact your local council to send a team of specialists to collect it.

Book a skilled team of pros in advance

Now you can finally call a company that offers secure house clearance services in Cambridge Heath E2 or in the London area in which you are living at the moment. Don’t hire the first team of pros you stumble upon. Instead, shop for the best and most budget-friendly deal out there. Compare quotes and discuss our requirements which the companies you are thinking of booking. Still, avoid booking expert rubbish collectors in the last minute because that can end up being quite costly.

Provide rubbish collectors with easy access to your junk

Finally, on the day on which you expect the rubbish collectors to come and take your waste, make sure that they can easily access the pile of junk you have prepared for them. Keep the driveway clear and keep pets out of the pros way. There should be no tripping hazards along the way.