A Quick Cleanup when Expecting Guests

It seems like you clean and clean over again but the dust and clutter appear from somewhere, so you constantly feel like you have to dust, vacuum, rub and scrub all the time. Well, this doesn’t sound difficult when you are not expecting company. You complete few chores every day and you don’t feel pressured. And your house is probably cleaner than you think but you feel like you need to do some work every day to make it look fresh and bright. But, when you are expecting people over and you have been at work all day, you might feel slightly panicked because you don’t have time to for the thorough cleanup. However, you can clean few places and declutter so your place looks nice and clean.

Here are few tips on how to tidy-up your house quickly when expecting friends over:

Declutter and clean the couches and table

First, you want to declutter your couches so you have enough room for sitting. Take your blanket, clothes and other stuff that don’t belong there to their place. You can vacuum the couch and pillows a bit. Also, wipe out the coffee table and other tables you have around. Clean and remove all the items that shouldn’t be on the table. Once you clear the mess from those surfaces, it will look like you are half way done.

Clean your bathroom

This one looks obvious. Probably some of your guests will use the bathroom during their visit so make sure you do a little of cleaning in there too. Clean the toilet and lavatory sink, and if you have more time, mop the floor a little bit. You don’t have time for a thorough cleanup but you can also declutter here as well and make your bathroom look nice and fresh. Additionally, make sure there’s toilet paper.

What about the odours?

Messy homePeople sometimes get used to the odors in their house because they spend so much time there and they don’t even notice it after some time. However, even if you don’t feel it, you might have an uninviting odor inside, especially if you have pets. Therefore, use an air freshener in all rooms and spray some on the carpets and other fabrics as well. You can also light a scented candle and create a nice and warm atmosphere and get rid of any unwanted odor. A nice and pleasing scent has a power to leave a great impression on your guests as soon as they walk in.

Wash the dishes

And finally, make sure you have clean and cleared kitchen surfaces. This means that you should declutter here too and wash the dishes, as well as wipe the surfaces. If you have a dishwasher, you will do this in no time. It is important not to skip this part of your quick cleanup when expecting guests because you will probably need clean glasses and other dishes, and your guests might come into the kitchen at some point so you don’t want to feel embarrassed.