Why Your Rubbish Bin May Hide Risks for Your Pet

Just like parents child-proof their home to keep their kids safe from sharp edges, toxic cleaning products and other risks and dangers, the owners of domestic animals such as cats and dogs need to pet-proof their property. Believe it or not but one of the most dangerous places for your furry friend is the rubbish bin. If you have some experience with pets, you certainly know that they are attracted to waste like magnets. There are several reasons for that such as they are bored, or anxious or they simply smell the leftovers from your dinner you had several days ago. But many of the things we throw away in our rubbish bins can expose your pet’s health to various risks. The most dangerous types of waste with which domestic animals can get in contact are:

  • Paper waste
  • Garden waste
  • Food waste
  • Old Christmas decorations
  • Plastic waste & Styrofoam

Paper waste

We all know that dogs and cats love to chew on toilet paper, serviettes, kitchen paper and etc. That is because this type of paper is usually highly scented and very soft. If your domestic animal has the habit to regularly eat your paper waste, this can lead to some serious complications. Their tummy may get upset or they may feel bloated. What is even worse, the paper may not pass through their intestinal tract. When that happens surgery is required.

Garden waste

Lilley of the valley, azalea, ivy, oleander, daylilies, morning glory… do you have any of these plants in your home or garden? If the answer is “yes” you need to limit your pet’s access to them because they are incredibly poisonous for animals. But these are just some of the many garden plants that can make your furry friend sick. So, whether you are clearing around and doing some work in the garden, take care of the mess quickly before your pet gets to it. Rely on time-efficient waste clearance services in London instead of making a compost out of dry leaves, dead plants and branches. Let the professionals come and collect all the waste so that your cat and dog can roam freely and safely in your yard.

Food waste

The kitchen bin is probably every pet’s favourite scavenger hunting ground because this is where they can find the greatest amount of food waste. But when that food is spoiled it can become a breeding ground for deadly bacteria such as Campylobacter and Salmonella.

Christmas decorations

Many holiday decorations are made of glass or are covered in glitter, toxic paints and other pet-unfriendly materials and substances. At the same time, cats and dogs love to play with them and to chew on them because they often resemble their own toys. They are colourful, shiny and sparkly which makes them all the more interesting. If swallowed, however, they lead to nothing good.

Plastic waste and Styrofoam materials

Plastic and Styrofoam are both artificially created materials and they contain a huge amount of toxic ingredients that can be dangerous to both pets and humans. Since they are often used for food storage or packing, they trick cats and dogs into thinking that they do not simply smell like food but are actually the food. By relying on a trusted house clearance in Shadwell E1, you can have the pros collect these materials in a speedy manner. What is more, most rubbish removal companies will even send the junk to a recycling facility which means that you will do good to both your pet and the environment.