A short tour of the Royal Borough of Greenwich

The Royal Borough of Greenwich lies in the southeastern parts of the London and is considered to be one of the city’s most beautiful areas. It spreads over 18.28 square miles and has a population of about 270.000. Greenwich is known throughout the world as it is the location of numerous internationally known places of interest, monuments, parks and entertainment venues. It is also home to Maritime Greenwich, one of the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are situated in the English capital.

Royal Artillery Museum, WoolwichWoolwich, SE18, is a town which lies in the northern parts of the borough and has a population of over 70.000 people. The noted junction of Charing Cross is situated at about nine miles from Woolwich. The area is home to several well-known military buildings, including the Royal Arsenal which until the late 1960s produced armaments and ammunitions for the British Armed Forces. Today the site is being redeveloped but some of its edifices have been converted into museums such as the Firepower – The Royal Artillery Museum and the Greenwich Heritage Centre which is dedicated to the history of town.

The district of Abbey Wood is located in the easternmost parts of Greenwich at about eleven miles from Charing Cross. It has a population of approximately 15.000 people and is named after the Lesnes Abbey Woods which lie in close proximity. The ruins of Lesnes Abbey are undoubtedly the most famous attraction of the area. They are situated in the aforementioned forest and date back to the 12th century. During the years a large number of notable people have lived in Abbey Wood, SE2.

Westcombe Park is one of the borough’s most desirable residential areas. It is home to a number of popular public houses and several well-known green areas. The Woodlands House, Westcombe Manor and Church of St. George are beyond any doubt the most notable landmarks of the district. Westcombe Park, SE3, is linked to the other parts of the city by its own railway station which dates back to 1879. The transportation hub sits on the Greenwich Line from the National Rail Network and provides transportation services to almost one million people on an annual basis.

The area of Plumstead, SE18, has a population of over 47.000 people and is home to one of the largest Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities in the United Kingdom. The district is the location of the Plumstead Manor School which is one of the best girl’s only educational facilities in London. It was founded in 1913 and during the years has provided high quality secondary education to a number of notable woman. Plumstead is served by its own railway station which was opened in 1859. It is currently used by an estimate of 1.5 million people yearly.

Charlton, SE7, lies in the northwestern parts of the Borough of Greenwich and is home to about 15.000 people. Charing Cross is situated at an estimate of seven miles from the area. The district is very popular among football aficionados as it is the base of the Charlton Athletic Football Club which plays its home games at The Valley. The stadium was opened in 1919 and since then has been the subject of several renovation projects. Today it has a maximum capacity of 27.111 spectators. The Charlton House is certainly the most emblematic and recognisable building in the area.

Greenwich - landmarksThe suburb of Eltham lies in the southern parts of the borough and is adjacent to the district of Kidbrooke, SE9. The latest census shows that over 35.000 people live in the area. The suburb is known throughout the city for being the location of several open green spaces such as:

  • Avery Hill Park
  • Oxleas Woods
  • Sutcliffe Park
  • Well Hall Pleasaunce
  • Eltham Park North
  • Eltham Park South

Eltham, SE12, is home to a number of top tier schools including Harris Academy Greenwich, St. Thomas More Catholic School, Eltham Hill School, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy and more.

The district of Greenwich, SE10, is beyond any doubt the most popular and visited area in the borough. It has a population of approximately 30.000 people and lies at about six miles from the intersection of Charing Cross. It is the location of the above mentioned World Heritage Sites as well as several other world famous places of interest such as the Cutty Sark, Greenwich Park, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory, The O2 Arena and more.

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