Simple Tips to reduce Costs on House Clearance

Spring time is an excellent time to declutter and get rid of the stuff that has built up over the years, broken items or stuff you don’t use. If you put a little effort and time, not only you can save money on your house clearance buy you can also earn some too.

Here are few simple tips on how to reduce house clearance costs and save some money.

Sell items that are in a good condition

Notes and coinsItems you no longer use and that are in a solid condition can be sold quickly. You will earn money and you will reduce clearance costs by reducing the quantity of the items you need clearing. If you have some furniture, books, clothes, and other items for sale, you can do it by using different sites like eBay, Gumtree and other. You can also organize a yard sale and generate revenue. Makes sure you come up with fair pricing. If you have valuable items like antique furniture, works of art and similar, make sure you seek an expert advice before selling.

Give stuff away to friends and family

You probably have a lot of items you simply don’t use any more but some of your friends or family members would love to have. Whether it is about some books, ornaments, kid’s clothes and other, ask your friends whether they want some of the items. If they do, set those aside and ask them to take it as soon as possible.

Donate some items to charity

There are many items you can donate to charity centres. You can donate books, pictures, ornaments, clothes and other. Just make sure that the items in a solid condition because they still need to sell them at a decent price. Most of the charity centres will collect the items from your property so you don’t have to make additional arrangements for pickup. Make sure you talk to a centre manager and find out more information about the items they will take or items they cannot accept. You will not make money on this but you will reduce the costs of clearance since you will have less items to clear.

Recycle as much as possible

You can save a lot of money when having your house cleared if you recycle some items. Most of the recycling centres will take your recyclable items for free if you take them there in your car or van. Before you actually do that, make sure you find more details, including what items they will not accept (hazardous stuff), whether you will need some documentation, etc. This will help you reduce your clearance costs, but the contribution to your environment in terms of waste management is probably way more important and empowering.

Find a competitive clearance company

Before you hire a clearance company, make sure you compare prices, check for testimonials and reviews so you find a reputable, experienced and affordable company. Make sure you ask the right questions that will ease decision making.