All You Need to Know About Redbridge

Redbridge is one of the 33 official boroughs of London. It is to be found to the northeast of the City, with its northern border forming the boundary of Greater London. According to statistics, the population of Redbridge is 299,200, living on a territory of 55.41 sq. km. The council’s headquarters are in the town of Ilford, which is also the administrative and commercial centre of Redbridge. That is also the place where you can easily book professional waste clearance services in Ilford IG1. The borough is among the best to live in the capital, thanks to several factors.

Open green spaces in Redbridge are abundant. It is a well-known fact that the territories around public parks tend to be developed into the most desirable residential neighbourhoods. Even though property prices in such places are traditionally a little higher than the average, you are paying for comfort, good air quality and a generally calm and tightly-knit community which makes it worth it. In the case of the borough of Redbridge, the biggest and best public parks here are:

  • Valentines Park

  • Goodmayes Park

  • Wanstead Park

  • South Park, Ilford

  • Hainault Forest Country Park

Pictured: Valentines Park is an important feature in Ilford

Many of the green spaces in Redbridge have the prestigious Green Flag award.

Another thing that makes the borough such a desirable destination is the quick and easy access to a wide range of services and amenities that are a necessity in life. Restaurants, street markets, good schools and hospitals can all be found here. If you need speedy waste clearance in Loxford IG1, you will not have a hard time finding such services on offer by local contractors who operate at reasonable prices and with good results. The same is also valid if you are living in the postal area of IG2. Without any hassle at all, you will be able to find a discreet and dependable house clearance service in Newbury Park IG2.

The heart of the borough

As mentioned above, the town of Ilford acts as the administrative centre of the borough. Built on the important road connecting London and Colchester, it has been one of the most prominent settlements in the vicinity of the capital for centuries. Today, more than half of the total population of the borough of Redbridge lives here – 168,168 people to be exact. The busiest transport hub for the town is the Ilford railway station on the Great Eastern Main Line. Other prominent features include the celebrated Kenneth More Theatre and the Ilford Cricket Club which plays its home games at Valentines Park. The town has a longstanding tradition in cricket, with records of some important early games being played here in existence.

Pictured: Redbridge Town Hall in Ilford

Some other great residential areas

The district of Gants Hill IG2 is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. This is not just because of the excellent waste clearance services in Gants Hill IG2 that you can access. In addition to houses and flat buildings, here you will find a variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and bars and, of course, some nice schools such as Valentines High School. Extensive renovations have been made here since 2009, which contributed to the appeal of the area.

Barkingside IG6 would be perfect for those who are looking for an escape from the stress and hassle of the big city, which are to be felt in the more central districts of the borough. Clore Tikva Primary School, Fullwood Primary School, Mossford Green Primary School and Avanti Court Primary School, as well as Ilford County High School and King Solomon High School are here. This is the reason families with children are most likely to find Barkingside a good choice when deciding where in northeast London to live. Local waste clearance services in Barkingside IG6 also make life in this part of the borough much more bearable and neater.

If you are into the suburban way of life, then you should consider moving to Hainault. The district lies on the very border of Greater London. Most of the district was developed in the 1940s and 1950s, in response to the growing demand for housing in the capital. Hainault is a bedroom community and has both good road and rail links to the commercial districts in the south of the city. The nearest stations serving the community are Hainault and Grange Hill respectively. If you think that due to its isolation you will not be able to find reliable and cheap waste clearance solutions in Hainault IG7, think again. The district is well supplied with all sorts of services and amenities, so you will not lack anything here.