Quick tour of three London areas

The English capital is one of the largest cities in the world. It is comprised of numerous neighbourhoods, which have a combined population of over 14 million people. However, today we decided to downsize city’s scale and present to you, three interesting and beautiful districts in London.

Small neighbourhood with a rich history

The village of Leaves Green lies in the southeastern parts of the city. It is one of the numerous areas that form the Borough of Bromley. The district is located in close proximity to Biggin Hill Airport, which is one of Britain’s most emblematic airports, as it played an important role during the Battle of Britain in World War II. The village is home to a large and lush green park of the same name. The area is described as quiet and tranquil, as it lacks any major landmarks and therefore doesn’t attract many tourists. It is served by three bus routes that pass through it frequently while the closed rail links are situated in the neighbouring districts. The village has its own retail area where numerous service providers as based, including Full House Clearance that are known to provide the best waste clearance options in Leaves Green.

Finsbury Park RoadFinsbury Park is a neighbourhood that is situated in the northern parts of London. The last census shows that the area has a population of about 14.500 people. The district is part of three boroughs: Hackney, Islington and Haringey. Despite its close location to the central parts of the British capital, the neighbourhood doesn’t have any notable places of interest, which is why it is described as a calm spot in the heart of the city. Throughout the years, numerous prominent people have lived in the area. Among the most notable residents of the district are:

  • Singer John Lydon
  • Politician Jeremy Corbyn
  • Actress Margaret Barton
  • Photojournalist Don McCullin
  • Musician Graham Bond
  • Actress Emily Mortimer
  • Politician John Grant

The neighbourhood is home to a number of local businesses such as Full House Clearance, which ultimately means that local inhabitants have an easy and quick access to top quality waste clearance services in Finsbury Park.

A renovated district with a Victoria character

York Hall on Old Ford RoadThe area of Old Ford is part of the Borough of Tower Hamlets and is located in the north eastern parts of the city. The district is known for its Victorian architecture. Most of the local edifices were built to house employees of the now demolished Old Ford railway station and the factories on the Lee and Lea Navigation. At the time, the neighbourhood was one of the poorest in the English capital but since then it has been subjected to numerous rejuvenation projects, which have ameliorated the quality of life within the area. The district is both residential and commercial, and is the base of several service provides, counting Full House Clearance who provide comprehensive Old Ford waste clearance services. The neighbourhood doesn’t have its own tube or railway station. The nearby rail link lies in the adjacent area of Hackney Wick and serves the London Overground.

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