Turning Muck into Gold

London has a reputation. Go back a few centuries and the city’s reputation can be smelled. London used to be a mucky place through the better part of its history. Streets were running with rubbish and all sorts of mitten could be seen in plain sight in its main thoroughfares. Today, the city is a changed place. With travellers coming from all over and admittedly littering a lot in the course of everyday sightseeing, many companies have been tasked with maintain the city clean. Some of these would ensure that the main venues are spic and span whereas others will carry out small tasks, such as neighbourhood rubbish removal. In the following lines, we take a closer look.

Making Every Wrapping Matter

Concerned neighbourhoods may always hire a rubbish removal service if they feel they have been littering too much and the public service is not satisfactory. Rubbish removals are popular. They have come through quite a few changes recently. Automated trucks stop next to bins these days, replacing manned crews.

Still, managing the rubbish is no easy task. There are multiple provisos that company should toe if they want to be part of the market, and competition is not small. In order to make sense of the heaps of piling waste, the government has introduced a particular service, which notifies residents at what point their rubbish would be collected.

Recycling binsAs Europe has sworn to reduce its carbon footprint, Londoners will see all sorts of changes. Throwing our garbage separately is just the tip of the iceberg, which we would not want to see melting.

Collecting it and transporting waste to depots where it is recycled and transformed into usable goods again is another matter whole together. Now that rubbish removal companies don’t need as many people to man their trucks, these workers may refocus on doing more qualified work in the recycling sector instead.

The Government, a Strong Supporter

Rubbish removal is topmost in the minds of local governments. They want to keep their streets clean and launching sustainable recycling initiatives is uppermost in their plans. It is quite understandable that everyone wants to keep their streets clean.

There are other ingenuous examples of how muck can be turned into gold. Some time ago, a handful of Bengaluru girls decided it would be a good idea to summon rubbish retrieval unit to gather used tea cups!

The girls clearly made an impression at the Technovation World Pitch Challenge. Their idea? Have roadside tea sellers collect the plastics and bring them to a recycling unit instead of littering the streets.

This is a pitch perfect example of how technology can help local communities and whole countries tackle existing problems. London certainly is certainly more advanced when it comes to its rubbish collection services, but learning from practical experience from elsewhere is also worth noting.

With the advance of technologies it’s not employment that is at risk – our most common and annoying problems will also be sorted out.