How to plant a garden for the first time

Here comes a six-step tutorial on how to plant a garden for the first time. So if you are a gardening aficionado who is just beginning to master the art of gardening keep on reading.

Step 1: Head to a gardening store and buy seeds that you will plant in your garden. Choose various types of seeds, so that you can grow a big variety of different plants and flowers in your garden. If you are worried about overspending don’t, because seeds are practically quite a cheap investment. Also if you don’t want to begin from scratch you can opt for seedlings instead of seeds.

Step 2:  Now before you begin planting open the yellow pages at the clearance services section and gather the contact details of several contractors that specialize in the field. Next scout the contractors that you have chosen and hire the one that offers you the best services at the best price. The reason why you will need a company that provides garden clearance – London based services is that planting creates a lot of rubbish which must be removed promptly after you are done taking care of your garden. Often people are too tired to handle such a hard task and they call the professionals for some expert assistance.

Step 3: Find a spot in your backyard that enjoys both direct sunlight and shade throughout the day. For plants and flowers to grow they need both sunlight and shade. So search for an area that will best fit the needs of your plants.

Step 4: Now prepare the soil for the planting of the seeds or seedlings. You can do that either by digging and churning up the top layer of the garden soil and mixing it with compost or by building a wooden box and filling it with good soil where you could plant your seeds until they grow, and once grown you could transfer them in your backyard. If you opt for the latter place the wooden boxes in the area of your yard that is exposed to direct sunlight but which also remains in shade for a few hours during the day.

Step 5: Read the instructions on the back of the seed or seedlings package and plant them in the soil that you have prepared.

Step 6: Water your newly seeded plants and flowers on a daily basis and check regularly for weeds. If you notice weeds growing remove them immediately. Last but not least watch your beautiful garden take shape and enjoy the fruits of your labor.