How to Prepare Your Property for Tenants

Most advice to be found online about keeping a rented accommodation in a good condition comes in the form of tips for end of tenancy cleaning, so that one can get their rental deposit back. What about if you are on the other side of the fence? If you are the landlord, it is only logical that you would want to make your property as attractive to potential tenants as possible, so that you can rent the place faster and at a good price. This blog post is aimed precisely at helping you do that.

So, what are the important things that you should look after?

  • First and foremost, the place should be impeccably clean and free of clutter. If your previous tenants have left the place messy, you might want to hire cleaners and professional rubbish removal technicians to help you spur up the house and take care of the junk removal, so that everything is ready in a timely fashion. This requires quite an effort and time, but if you pick up the right cleaning and rubbish removal contractors for the job, you are not going to have any problems to complete the job in due time.
  • TenantsWhen you are setting up the home for the visit from potential tenants, you should remember that the place should be kept as neutral as possible. Do not overdo with decoration and painting, and keep the furniture to the minimum – a bed, wardrobe, table and chairs, as well as some appliances in the kitchen should do the trick. The thing is that you should leave your potential tenants imagine how they are going to turn this place into their own – instead of forcing them to adjust to your idea of a home.
  • Another positive side to keeping the place minimalistic is that in that way the rooms are going to look spacious. Spacious rooms are actually much more attractive to people who are considering renting your property.
  • According to law landlords should make sure that the properties they are leasing live up to certain living conditions. But you do not need the law to know that is the right thing to do, do you? Make sure that everything in the property works properly. This includes showers, baths, toilets and any appliances that you are leaving. When people who want to rent your place come to look at it, you should check that all light bulbs are also working. It would be pretty unpleasant if you find out about a malfunction of even the smallest kind while the people you want to pay you money to live at the place are there too.

These are the basic guidelines that you should follow as a landlord in order to lease your place easily. Having in mind that the demand for rented accommodations in London is increasing every month, if you follow those rules you are not going to have a problem finding your next tenants.