The Many Reasons of Why We Hate Rubbish

Unless you are a hoarder who does not mind keeping a ton of useless and unusable junk in your home, you are highly likely to truly, madly, deeply hate rubbish. That is why there are reliable companies such as Full House Clearance that offer a vast range of waste collection services including local office clearance in London. People’s common hatred for rubbish is one of the few things that unite us all… or at least the majority of us. That is why we have decided to dedicate this post to that one shared view that brings us all together or namely – rubbish stinks both figuratively and literary because it is:

  • Dangerous for human health
  • Damaging for the environment
  • A pest magnet
  • Tricky to get rid of
  • Once again… smelly

It is stinky

Even if you forget to take out the rubbish for just one day, you will feel an unimaginable stench coming from the bin. When that happens, it does not really matter how clean, modern or pretty your home is. All of that will be overshadowed by the annoying presence of this terrible smell. The worst bit is that the stench of some types of waste tends to linger on for a long time. But what makes junk stink so badly? There are two main reasons. The first has to do with a natural process known as organic decomposition which often produces H2S or Hydrogen Sulphide – a gas with a very potent odour. The second reason for the stink is the bacteria that carry out that process.

It poses a threat to our health

Rubbish is a shortcut to an extensive list of health problems. The insects and bacteria that it attracts are responsible for everything from food poisoning, salmonella, enteric and typhoid fever and many other conditions and diseases. The gases produced by waste when it starts to decompose (methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide), on the other hand, lead to various respiratory illnesses. You get the picture and you get that it is not a pretty one.

It poses a threat to the environment

Those same gases which we mentioned above are the main cause of pollution too. What is more, they can contaminate not only the air but also water and soil. That can have a terrible effect on animals, plants or even entire ecosystems.

It attracts pests

Pests such as cockroaches, rats and ants pester us even when we do our very best to maintain our homes clean and free of clutter and junk. Imagine what can happen if you give reign to rubbish – Apocalypse Now pest-style!

It is hard to dispose of

It’s one thing to dispose of everyday household waste such as spoilt food or an outdated pair of jeans and quite another to get rid of a broken refrigerator, worn-out car tyres, stinky mattress and other bulky unwanted items. Then again, we live in the 21st century and you can now find time-efficient waste clearance services in Becontree RM9 or in any other part of London for that matter. So, yes – rubbish stinks but at least help is always around the corner.