Kids Moved Out but Left Stuff Behind – Now What?

While in the past, most children moved out of their parents’ home for good not long after graduating school, today they seem to be taking their time. Of course, the economy has a lot to do with that but still, this does not change that fact that many mums and dads cannot wait for the day when they will have the house all for themselves. But then that day comes and parents realise that getting their children out of the family nest is one thing but getting their stuff out of the house is a whole different kind of a challenge. Many young (and not so young) adults prefer to leave a considerable part of their possessions in their parents’ house so that they can easily move back in case things do not work out for them or because they do not have enough room in their rental flat or simply because they do not want to spend money on storage solutions. However, as a parent, you should not encourage this sort of behaviour. Your home is not a storage facility or a junk depot and it should not be treated as such. Plus, we bet that you already have plenty of ideas on what you can do with the extra room on your property. So, the best way to handle this situation is by:

  1. Turning a blind eye but only for a few weeks
  2. Avoiding spending money on storage
  3. Setting a final deadline
  4. Taking matters to your own hands

It is not accidental that we have listed these solutions in this order and now you are about to find out why.

Do let them hang around for a bit

Even if you were impatient about having your kids out your property for the past few years, you may struggle to enjoy this new, highly anticipated arrangement at first. The empty nest syndrome is a real thing and almost every mum and dad go through it in their own way. Therefore, if you feel that there are times in which you are terribly missing your children, postpone seeking for a local waste clearance service in Wennington RM13, for instance. Hang on to their stuff for a little longer.

Don’t put them in storage

You will notice that your grief over your empty nest situation has started to wane the moment you begin to wonder if you should put your kids’ items in a storage unit. DON’T! No matter how much you love your children, their personal possessions are no longer your responsibility. If they are old enough to live on their own, they are old enough to take care of that matter by themselves.

Do set a deadline

If you have politely asked your grown-up offspring to collect the rest of their belongings from your home and they have failed to do that in a matter of a month. Call them again but this time give them a specific deadline clarifying that beyond it, their items will no longer be your responsibility.

Don’t hesitate to take matters to your own hands

The deadline has passed and your kids’ stuff is still all over the place. Time to find a professional waste clearance service in London and clear out your home from everything you do not wish to keep. However, if you see that some of your children’s unwanted possessions are in good condition, donate them. If you wish, you can even try selling them online and use the money to pay to the waste removal team.